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Most people can't afford to rebuild their homes and replace everything in them if there was a disaster.

A home insurance policy can protect your property, some of your personal possessions, and you.

Your home is a place to relax; so, when you get home and let your guard down, we step in.

Providing protection when and where you need it most. We’re proud to offer dependable home insurance policies.

Get your homeowners quote online to start protecting your home, belongings, and peace of mind.

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Coverage and Discounts

What we can offer

Homeowners insurance to protect your home against theft, fire, lawsuits, weather damage, and other covered losses.

Brand New Belongings

Repair or replace your covered possessions, regardless of age or condition.

Affordable Insurance

Making your policy more affordable by selecting specific provides to cover your needs.

Details you may need on a homeowners insurance quote

  • Dwelling – Coverage that protects the structure of the home (roof, walls, wall-to-wall carpeting, etc.)
  • Other structures – Coverage for sheds, detached garages and other structures not connected to the main dwelling itself.
  • Personal property – Coverage for personal items (clothing, furniture, appliances, computers, etc.) on and off the premises.
  • Loss of use – Coverage for when you have to move out of the home while repairs are made as a result of damage caused by a covered loss.

What about

Flood Insurance Coverage

Flooding in your home doesn’t have to be catastrophic to cause serious damage. Many homeowner policies don’t automatically include flood insurance. Make sure you’re covered with a supplemental flood insurance package from REYNA AGENCY SOLUTIONS INC.


Coverage from Home Insurance

Property Damage

Most policies cover damage to your house and any permanent structures on your property for:
-Water damage (unless excluded by your policy)

Personal Property

Protects belongings that were damaged or stolen such as:
-Dishes (in some cases)


Limited coverage for jewelry stolen from your home, (usually $500 - $2,000). You may need special coverage for things in your collection like:
-Engagement rings
-Wedding bands
-Diamond bracelets

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